Judicial Services support clients with the use of latest digital equipment to capture your mediations, arbitrations and depositions.

Video Services

Complete Legal Video Service


Videotaped Depositions, Mediations, Arbitrations


Synchronized Digital Video Transcript


Non-Synchronized Video File



Tape Editing and Duplication


Broadcast Quality Cameras and Equipment


DVD and MPEG Formats Available


24 Hour Turn- Around time

Video Conferencing

Judicial Services utilizing  the latest technology allow our clients to conduct meetings, witness interviews, remote depositions, settlement conferences, and arbitrations in a productive and efficient way. Allow us to save travel time and expensed with the use of our video conferencing services.

Connecting our clients anywhere, anytime, with the use of our equipment


Video conferencing at your desktop


IT support thru the entire process


Advanced screen sharing functionality for exhibit presentations

To schedule Videography services contact us, we'll take care of the details.