(Frequently Asked Questions)


Can you retrieve anything else besides Medical Records?


Yes, we can obtain anything tangible, i.e. blue-prints, video-tapes, audio, CDs, DVDs, X-Ray films, videos, slides, etc.


Are the records admissible once you obtain them?


Yes, records can be made admissible with the proper questions; however, you have the option to choose admissible or an inadmissible format.



Do you have any rush charges?


We have no rush charges or hidden fees.


How fast can you gather the information?


Locally, within a couple of weeks, out of city and state, 2 weeks to 30 days with varying circumstances.



Do I get a confirmation notice and how fast do you serve the subpoenas?


Yes, you will receive your confirmation within 24 to 48 hours of ordering and subpoenas are served within Texas Rules of Court.





Can I access my files from your site?


Yes you can, simply contact us for your secured username and password and check our Online Repository tab.

How do I order records from Judicial Services?


Refer to our Order Here tab.

What kind of experience do you have in this industry?


Staff Paralegals and Client Services Representatives with over 90 years of cumulative litigation experience.

Have a question for us?


Email us: jsrc@judicialservicessa.com

Call us: 210-681-4885


We'd love to hear from you!