About Us

As a national record retrieval service and national court reporting service, Judicial Services continues to serve all clients in all their litigation needs to include Record Retrieval, Videography, Exhibits, Interpreters, Process Servers, Deposition locations and more.


Our professional Staff Paralegals and Client Service Representatives with over 90 years of cumulative litigation experience ensure that all your legal requirements are met.

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"A Personalized Service Meeting Your Legal Needs"

For over 20 years we have built great relationships with each of our clients; key to getting any job done right!


Judicial Services Company partners with clients to achieve their objectives while reducing costs and streamlining operations. Our Corporate, Insurance and Law firm clients recognize our business model; collaborating with our company and business environment seeking creative and strategic methods to become more efficient in achieving their business objectives.


Business processes are tailored to the needs of our clients. All administrative, invoicing and bulk billing functions are established to facilitate the client experience from the beginning.


Both our clients and their clients benefit from the efficiencies and processes achieved to deliver a sustainable cost reduction and optimal operational improvements.

Who we serve.
Who we are.

Judicial Services Record Company combines experience and dedication with caring and personalized customer service, providing litigation support services to major insurance companies, corporations, and law firms throughout the country.

Our team of  Staff Paralegals have over 90 years of legal experience and lead our Record Retrieval Specialists in keeping up to date on case law, Rules of Civil Procedure, Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Rules of Court – State & Federal, and HIPAA Privacy Guidelines.  This is and has been key in providing excellent litigation support.